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Featured work

The 'Barry' Campaign is a piece of work I completed as part of my Industry Practice class. The brief  (managed by The Monkeys) required developing a launching campaign for a new premixed vodka drink.

The look and feel we wanted to emulate was the environment of pres and the feeling of getting ready with friends for a fun night. The moments where you can be yourself and let go, whilst getting excited for wherever the night may take you. We focused on young, bright and summery colours for this campaign, to reflect the values of Barry as a brand and its y2k aesthetic.


Our out-of-home billboards and posters play on what can happen at pres, including eye-catching images that represent unexpected scenarios that may take place when relaxing with friends before a big night out. We know our target audience loves pres because of the fact that you can just be yourself, leading to many spontaneous and memorable moments. We want our billboards and posters to remind our audience of the feeling that pres gives them.

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